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Personalized Date Coaching 
These are one-on-one sessions with the Date Master himself.  These sessions  are geared toward helping you to effectively identify and overcome dating  “roadblocks.” Internal roadblocks can be devastating.  Some, such as  extreme nervousness, fear of commitment, fear of intimacy, dealing  constructively with rejection, or handling trauma from past relationships  can continue to plague people date after date.  It’s essential that you  discover these roadblocks, isolate them, and then put a plan put into place  to overcome them.   Date coaching is designed to do just this.  This service  is recommended for those who have already completed the course, have updated their look, but are still struggling to  fulfill their dating goals.  However, even if you have not attended the course you can still avail yourself of this service.    During these one-on-one sessions an in-depth assessment will be made of you, paying particular attention to previous  relationships, identifying what were the problem points, and when in the relationships they occurred.  The Date  Master will then help you develop your own unique dating plan and then coordinate whatever resources you need to  complete this plan quickly and effectively.   You may be pleasantly surprised to find that there will only be a couple of  minor things you need to change before you are on your way to finding the man or woman of your dreams.    
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Personalized Date Coaching
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