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Nutrition and Dietary Counseling 
We offer a wide range of options in helping you achieve your weight loss goals.  Enlisting the help  of one of our nutritionists can be a big step in helping you look and feel more attractive and  confident.  They will meet with you and help you come up with a sensible and nutritious diet  plan that will assist you in losing weight . . . and once off to keep it off.  Fad diets may work in  the short term but more often than not the weight will come back with a vengeance.  Our  nutritionists will help you develop a practical and appealing menu plan, help you understand  portion control, how to overcome weight loss plateaus, and how to keep your diet going even  when confronted with restaurants and parties.  You can schedule a single visit or as many as  needed to get you to your ideal weight.      
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Nutrition and Dietary Counseling
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