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Instructional Course 
The Date Master offers a vital service that is unique in the wide world of  date coaching.   We conduct a two month intensive course which covers  everything you need to fall in love with the man or woman of your dreams.   This course emphasizes key commonalities that are prevalent in all  relationships.  These core relationship principles will serve those interested  in becoming more effective daters be they young or old, seasoned daters,  newly divorced or those who may be relatively new to what can be  described rather cynically as the "dating game."    The course will be broken down into different sections, each having a unique theme, activities, and set of skills  with which to develop.  We will also draw extensively on the specialized skills of guest speakers who are counted  among the top in their professions for the greater Wichita area.  The course will conclude with dating field work  and one-on-one personalized date coaching.  This course is an incredible opportunity, not just because of the  wealth of information presented, but because of its economic value as well.  It would take thousands of dollars to  purchase these services elsewhere.  You also have the opportunity to interact and learn alongside other singles  from the area that are experiencing your same frustration with finding the right person.  Here is a sample of some of the primary dating issues that will be addressed in this course:    Mastering dating on the "outside" Personal appearance Effective use of body language Identifying and modeling critical points of attraction  Developing effective communication skills Physical fitness and weight loss instruction How to plan fun and successful dates How to date safely and identify "red flags" early Planning fun and successful dates What to do if you don't get the "call back" but you still want a second chance How to identify the different stages of dating from first contact to the wedding altar Knowing how to navigate and avoid common pitfalls inherent to each stage of dating Mastering dating on the "inside" Understanding the importance of positive thinking Identifying and eliminating subconscious roadblocks Dealing with nervousness or dating anxiety Understanding relationship balances of power and how to find a healthy balance Overcoming your or your partner's commitment concerns Intimacy timing or anxiety Emotionally coping with painful breakups Developing a clear picture of what kind of partner you should pursue How to handle relationship conflicts maturely How to utilize resolution techniques that strengthen rather than weaken your connection with your partner.
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Instructional Course
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