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Image Consulting 
Do you find that you no longer have the time or interest to stay on top of the latest fashions?  Or worse, have you  gone your entire life without ever putting a single foot on the fashion train?   Dating can be stressful enough  without having to worry if you are dressing appropriately for the venue and are in the latest fashion.    Our consultants will sit down with you and analyze your personality and body type to  develop a new look that will accentuate your positive traits while enabling peoples' eyes to  effortlessly pass over those things you want to hide.  They can give you tips on how to  shop effectively and economically, utilizing your natural coloring, understanding the  psychology behind certain looks,  and how to present yourself properly for all occasions in  all seasons.    Our image consultants can also assist you in understanding social etiquette, using your body language effectively  and they can teach you how to project confidence in any kind of situation.  First impressions are formed in just a  fraction of a second.  An image consultant will ensure that the first impression you make will be the one you  want.
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Image Consulting
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