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Dating “Field Work” 
This is a dating practicum or what could be termed a "practice date."  These are, by far, one of the most effective  services we offer in quickly detecting and correcting dating weak points.  We find two to three compatible dating  assistants that will meet you at a restaurant and conduct a dating dry run.  Here you will have an opportunity to work on  your appearance, body language, conversation skills and general dating etiquette.   Following the date you will receive  detailed feedback and coaching.    The reason field work is such a crucial service is that you can date for years and never once get any helpful advice or tips  from an unsuccessful date.  Most people start a date with high hopes and are  acutely aware of the natural trepidation and emotional sensitivity that can be  involved in early dating.  Because of this, the last thing many people want to  do is to further hurt someone's feelings by letting them know that they have no  further interest.   This is why it is extremely common to believe a date ended  well, sometimes even with a promise to meet again, and then wait days by the  phone in vain for the all-important callback.  Instead of vague promises, what  you really needed after that date was an accurate idea of whether they had any  intentions of seeing you again, and if not, then what caused them to lose interest in you.  Our “field work” dates offer  an effective solution to finding out where you went wrong and then we will get you back on the right track.  Hopefully,  you will never again be left wondering what you did . . . or didn't do. 
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Dating "Field Work"
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