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Should You go for a Second Date? 
Once you have had a successful first date and received that all-important call back it is then time to try  and make up your mind if you should see them again.  By now, you will likely have figured out if you have  any chemistry and sized up how many things you have in common.  However, at this point it is important  to set aside the euphoria of getting the call back and determine if you should go on another date with  this person.  Frequently the longer a relationship lasts, the harder it will be to break up and contain the  feelings.  Your emotions and your time are extremely valuable!!!  The first step should be to make an honest assessment of what you want out of a relationship and then  compare this with your date’s expectations.  I find it convenient to break down peoples’ dating goals into  four different “levels” (which will be detailed in the next couple sections), and then avoid dating more  than one level away.  It is crucial that you are honest and identify which level you and your date are in. It  is possible to form a successful relationship with someone just one level removed from you.  But if it is  two levels or more . . . the odds are you are only going to find heartbreak and a sizable hole in your  pocketbook.  
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