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Grading Your Date At times it can be a bit tricky determining what level your date is.  If you have known the person you went  on a date with for years this can be relatively easy.  However, if you went out with someone that you did  not know at all then you may have some work ahead of you in determining exactly where they are in the  dating process.  Best advice for these individuals is to set up a few more dates which are fun but still  provide ample opportunities for continued communication.  It would also be prudent to discreetly steer  the conversation toward some of their recent relationships.    Be very conscious of the fact that what you see is not always what you get.  There are plenty of people  whose primary goal in going out is to have the date end in a bedroom.  Subterfuge is their greatest tool,  and for this type of person, what “level” they are in is basically irrelevant.  This is one of the myriad of  reasons to avoid getting too physical too fast.  Also, many people try and find a new relationship to heal  the wounds of their last.  Such a person may deep down inside be at a “level three,” but for the next two  months will be working as a “level one” as they try and rebuild their self-esteem.  A good rule of thumb is  to always judge people by their actions, not by their words.    When dating, try not to get too emotionally invested in a relationship until you know for sure what “level”  they are at.  Part of maturing as a dater comes with knowing when to call it quits.  An experienced dater  can quickly size up if the relationship will work in the long run.  If you are a level three or four, and your  date is at a level one or two, then the considerate action at this point would be to cease any further  romantic involvement with the person.  Wasting six months or more of your time and money is not fair to  yourself, and if you are doing that to someone else it is downright unethical. Think about your own  experiences. If you invested all that time into someone and they broke your heart . . . and your checking  account . . . is that not a greater crime than if someone just stole your car?  Always remember that when  you date, you are interacting with real people with real feelings, and those feelings need to be respected.   Besides, if you hurt too many people, your own self worth will eventually falter . . . and self-loathing is a  guaranteed relationship killer.   
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Grading Your Date
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