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Step 3 Take a hard, honest look at yourself and identify what you need to improve  This will always be the most difficult part of the dating process. Self-esteem is at the very core of our being  and self-preservation of the ego is often destructively sitting smack dab in the center.   If you are overweight,  overly shy, afraid of commitments, have difficulty controlling your temper, or just generally selfish, this is the  time to face these problems head-on.  We all have our vices, but the ultimate measure of our life is how we  manage and resolve these weaknesses.  If you cannot acknowledge them, then fixing any of your problems is  going to be out of the question.   Don’t feel afraid or ashamed of this process.  Probably 98% of everything we  do in a day is done at least somewhat incorrectly or inefficiently.  For example, most of us can swim but I  doubt even Olympic swimmers would make the claim of being able to swim with perfect form one hundred  percent of the time.  Making mistakes is par for the course. Accept it and learn to laugh at yourself.  This will  go a looooong way toward giving you the positive outlook you need to persevere and eventually overcome  your weaknesses.   
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Step 3
Getting Ready to Start Dating 
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