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Getting Ready to Start Dating 
Step 1 Believe that it can be done and that you will find the right person    Most of our thought processes occur at a subconscious level. From this you get the old adage, “If you think  you can’t do something you are both right and wrong.”  Virtually anything is possible and there are millions  of examples of people who have overcome tremendous odds to achieve greatness.  However, if you believe  that it can’t be done, your subconscious will work overtime to make your doomsday prediction come true.    An easy way to check and see if you are a positive thinker is to take a couple of hours, grab a piece of  paper, and mark the page each time you have a negative thought as you go about your day.  You might be  surprised how quickly the tally adds up.  If you are having countless negative thoughts at a conscious level,  just think what mischief your subconscious must be up to.  You must be positive and condition your  subconscious to believe that you can achieve any goal you set.  This is why the next step is so critical.   
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Step 1
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