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Quick Tips Make sure you’re genuinely ready to enter the dating scene.    Resolve your feelings about any previous relationships.  Dating on the rebound will only hurt others, and in  the long term, make you think less of yourself.  Identify three to five major problem spots that are holding you back.  Develop a clear written plan to address each of your problem spots.  Have fun dating!!!!  The more seriously you take the dating process, the more pressure and anxiety you will  feel, and the less likely you will be successful at it.    Be positive at all times and surround yourself with positive people.    Get a total fashion makeover and bring this look to work.  You will be more comfortable in your new role and  dressing nicer will likely raise your confidence level.    Don’t always feel like you have to be dating.  If things are not working, take a step back and work on  yourself and your career for awhile.    Change your weekly routines.  Practice being flexible so you can be more comfortable with change.    Be busy!!!  An active person is an exciting person. You will be far more attractive to others if you have a full  life with multiple hobbies and interests.     Make sure you can handle criticism, rejection, and be able to laugh at yourself.  Find a skill activity like  dancing, martial arts, music or any sport where you can have an instructor correcting you.  This will  condition you to handle constructive criticism in other areas of your life.    When watching TV, turn off TNT (High Octane Action) and turn on TLC (The Learning Channel).  Begin to  learn about the world, follow politics (though never discuss it on a first date), visit local museums and art  festivals.  This will provide you with ample material to contribute to a meaningful conversation.     
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Quick Tips
Getting Ready to Start Dating 
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