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Getting Ready to Start Dating 
Once you have decided that you are ready to enter the dating scene, you need to prepare in a  deliberate and meaningful way.  As with all things in life, what you get out of it is going to be a  direct reflection of what you put into it.  This is not the time to give 50%. You need to develop  a clear plan to bring about the changes you need to make and then dedicate 110% of your  energy toward meeting this goal.   Here are four critical steps to get started  Step 1:  Believe that it can be done and that you will find the right person   Step 2:  Surround yourself with optimistic and energetic individuals who will offer positive reinforcement as you reach for your goals Step 3:  Take a hard, honest look at yourself and identify what you need to improve upon Step 4:  Create a written plan  
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Getting Ready to Start Dating 
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