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Tips for getting that first date (Part 2):   Master the art of flirting.  This is especially true if you are trying to attract someone at work.  Also,  understand that people have different personalities and that one type of flirting will not work for all.   In fact, you may find that some people are positively terrible at reading signals.  For those people, as  a last ditch effort you may have to clearly demarcate your feelings for them.  Remember, in the end,  failure is a lot easier to deal with then regrets and missed opportunities.     Always smile and work on being positive and uplifting throughout your whole day.  Though easier  said than done, give it a few days and you will find that being upbeat gets easier the more you do it.      If you have a dog start walking them in populated places.  Many people can’t resist taking a  moment to say hi to your four-legged friend.  When they do that they are going to talk to you as well.    Even if you are out of college maybe go back for a course or two in something that interests you If for some reason you don’t make a connection there it will still give you something to talk about  when you do go out on a date.    Don’t be afraid to ask for help from friends or coworkers.  A few of them may love to help play  matchmaker and may have some great ideas or connections which you can utilize.    Become more active in a sport, club or your church.  In fact, many churches have single groups  which are great for setting up fun events were you can go and meet people. At the very least you will  have a few people with whom you can vent your fears and frustrations and come up with some ideas  to ease them.    Attend or set up your own singles events.  Plan a fun event, search out people you know who are  single and have them invite a few single friends along as well.  You might be surprised at how much  interest you garner.   
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First Date Tips: Part 2
Landing the First Date 
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