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Tips for getting that first date (Part 1):   Learn how to be social, and then find opportunities to practice being social as much as possible  If you are a natural introvert this may be hard, but try and put yourself in situations were you are  frequently meeting new people and have to make idle conversation.  If you have to, find a hobby or  even a part-time job to get this done.   When making small talk, never focus on yourself.  Ask lots of questions and be a good listener.  With practice you will find ways of moving quickly past the weather and the local sports team into  creating an interesting and engaging conversation.      Get comfortable starting up conversations with random strangers.  Any chance you get try and  become adept at starting up small talk with anybody and everybody.  Talk to someone in an elevator  or in a grocery line.  If this becomes second nature then you will not have to worry about being  awkward and nervous when it comes time to ask someone out you just met on a date.         Look beyond dating sites and bars.  Anywhere there are people you can find a chance to make a  connection.  As long as you are considerate and not overbearing, you will be hard pressed to find  someone who will be offended if you show some romantic interest in them.  Even if they are in a  relationship they will take it as a compliment.  However, if it is someone you are meeting for the  first time, then be ready to back off and only ask once if the interest is not reciprocated.     Always try and look good when going out in public.  Appearance and body language are critical, so  don’t loose the person of your dreams because you went to the grocery store in your sweats and you  did not warrant a second glance.      Learn how to make proper eye contact and read the signals.  If someone holds your gaze for a  quick second then and then looks away there is a good chance they are showing some initial interest.   If they fail to make eye contact again despite your efforts then that means you failed the  appearance/body-language test.  If they hold your gaze again for a longer time and then send a coy  smile then that is the clear signal they want an introduction.  Men, remember fortune favors the  bold so approach them immediately.   Ladies, try and let them come to you but don’t let the night  end without a “chance” encounter.   
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First Date Tips: Part 1
Landing the First Date 
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