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Landing the First Date 
The first important key to getting a first date is that you need to make a conscious active effort to land one.   Even if all you have to do is say “yes” to someone asking you, getting ready to go out on a successful date will  take proper action on your part as well.  There is an old saying out there that “You will never find true love until  you stop looking for it . . . then it will happen!”  It still sends chills up my spine when I hear this advice repeated  because it is destined to send people down the wrong path—the path of inactivity and stagnation.  The fact that  this advice persists through the years, resides in the fact that there are two elements to being content in life and  not actively searching which are attractive to the opposite sex.  The first, is that desperation is a serious turn off to both men and women.  When people are bound and  determined to find someone they send out clear physical and/or verbal signals that either there is something  seriously flawed with them as a person or that they have the potential to be a clinger!  The second, is that people who have decided to give up on dating usually change their focus to their careers or  developing hobbies to fill up their schedules and limit the time that they are “alone.”  Having a solid career,  being active with extracurricular activities and being content with an independent life are all positive traits  which will make someone worth being romantically pursued.    If you have read any of my other advice then you know that being active and confident are two critical keys to  being successful in dating. You should be working to incorporate those two elements into your lifestyle  anyhow.  If you choose to believe the “not looking” myth and not actively look for people and chances to date  then you are going to miss out on countless opportunities to find the right person.  So quite simply:  Go for it!   Be part of the dating scene!
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