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Quick Tips: Part 2   Study their hobbies a bit: you might find them to be a nice addition to your life.  At the very least try  surprise them with a date surrounding a related event to their special interest.     For women, try changing your look from time to time.   Men instinctively love variety.   Give each other plenty of freedom.  Great relationships are forged when both people are content with  their lives as individuals.  Finding the right person only adds to their already full and rewarding life.        Solve your own problems.  A normal day offers up enough stress. Going out should be an escape from  the daily toil, not an extension of it, so be careful not to add your personal stress to your date’s stack  of stuff to worry about.      Don’t bring up the issue of commitment.  If you have forged a real connection then such a  conversation would be purely superfluous.  If not, then bringing up the subject is a good way to chase  them away.   The obvious exception is when you have been dating for an extended period of time and  the issue of marriage needs to be discussed.      Always keep flirting with them.  Don’t just be alluring for the first week to get the call back and then  forget about them.  Also, never take their affection for granted.      Get them to invest in you with their time and energy.  If someone puts significant effort into a  relationship, they are going to be less likely to end it because you made one blunder.  
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Quick Tips: Part 2
Keeping Their Interest
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