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Quick Tips: Part 1   Always hold something back.  Never tell the whole story.  That way you have something left to share  about yourself in the future.      Don’t try and contact them more than once a day unless they respond.      Never look desperate.  Confidence is a very attractive trait while neediness is definitely not.      Be careful not to revert back to your old ways.  If you have sharpened your image keep taking care of  your appearance and dressing like it was the first date.      Keep your exercise schedule up and try not to let your date interfere with that.    Keep a full schedule going and avoid having “nothing to do” night after night.      Beware though, a woman might like a guy that is hard to get, but it does not necessarily work both  ways.  So as a woman be careful to maintain a fine balance between being busy but not unavailable.    Treat their friends as you would your own.  If they have children the same rule applies.   
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Quick Tips: Part 1
Keeping Their Interest
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