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Keep the fun dates coming!   Since we live in such an affluent society, one of the things Americans are getting weaker at is enduring a  “delay of gratification.”  In a world of 24-hour marketplaces and 30-minute pizza delivery, we have been  trained to not wait.  For example, the idea of having to go to the gym month after month to get in shape is  daunting.  We would all love to have a magic pill we could just take once a day to get the same results;  however, most meaningful accomplishments take time.  Nobody has been able to get a college degree in a  single day.  Don’t expect to build a relationship in a day either.  Keep working at coming up with fun and  unique dating ideas.  Ask your friends or troll the internet for ideas.  The main thing is to try and build as  many unique and meaningful memories with them as possible.   
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Keep the Fun Dates Coming
Keeping Their Interest
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