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Have Patience!!!!  Many people want to skip the early dating activities and move into full relationship mode as soon as possible.    Though you may miss having someone to come home to each day, remember that a good relationship is like a  well built house . . . it must have a solid foundation.  Part of that foundation is having a wealth of fun dating  memories to draw upon.  The excitement of waiting four days before you see them again, the first kiss, that  surprise visit at work to take them out for lunch—all these are memories, which make the tough times worth  getting through.  We are all individuals! So when you put two people together there will always be  misunderstandings and times when a solid compromise will have to be struck.  The more precious memories you  create during that “honeymoon period” of the first two months, the more likely you will be able to compromise  effectively in a considerate and loving manner.   
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Have Patience
Keeping Their Interest
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