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The Easy Date Great method for people you have met randomly or online.    Usually consists of going out for a coffee or a quick lunch date.    It is noncommittal.  So if there is not much of a connection you can easily end the date early.   You should always time limit an easy date.  Just say that you have to be back at a specific time when you ask  them out.  Ideally, the first get together should be between 45 minutes to 1 hour.   Never use the word “ask.”  It makes it easier for them to say no.  Instead, you should give non-verbal cues  that you expect them to say yes, and then verbally make it a firm suggestion. For example, you might say,  “Let’s go for coffee around noon tomorrow.  I need to be back by 1:00 and there is a great place a block from  where you work.  How does that sound?” Make sure you suggest a location that is close to where they work or live.  You want it to be convenient and  easy for them to say “yes.”    When you are setting it up, avoid using the term “date” at all costs.  Use phrases such as, “hanging out,”  “getting together,” or “let’s continue this conversation later, how about over coffee in a couple of days.”  If they are not fully sold on the idea of going out with you they might be more inclined to say yes to a forty-  five minute outing instead of gambling with their entire Friday night.    You will likely not come across as being desperate or that you feel the need to work too hard to impress  them.  An easy date can be used to test the waters with someone at work whom you know fairly well but don’t know  if they have any romantic interests towards you.  If the date falls short of expectations it can later be  reclassified as going out with a friend.  This way you can avoid any awkward moments if you still have to  work with them or see them on a day-to-day basis.   Unfortunately, an easy date will never "wow" them.    If you know the person well and they had genuine romantic interest toward you and were waiting for you to  ask them out, then going with the easy date may make you seem boring or unconfident.   
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The First Date 
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The Easy Date
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