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Planning the Date Make sure you plan out the date as thoroughly as possible.  I don’t mean for you to micromanage the date and  have a strict itinerary in your head which you must follow exactly to the letter.   Remember your number one  priority is to make sure the first date is RELAXED.  What I really mean is that you should understand that  Murphy’s law may be riding along with you.  So make sure you know exactly how to find each destination, know  where to park, make sure you know the hours of operation of the restaurant and what some of their best  entrées are and so forth.  In fact, time permitting, it never hurts to go alone and do a quick trial run of the  date a couple of days before that fateful day.     Be flexible and be willing to change plans with little or no notice as the date unfolds.  What this means is you  should try and know a couple of nice restaurants in the area and not just the one you picked out for that night.   Know where there is a nice spot to go for a walk close by, where a hot club is, a good place to grab dessert or  coffee.  It may even be useful to know a few places that are open real late so you are never stuck at 1:00 AM  half starved with little on no recourse.    Be personally prepared.  If the weather is cold, bring a jacket even if you expect to be inside the whole time.   Make sure you have reliable clean transportation. If you are wearing six inch stiletto heels, throw a comfortable  pair of shoes in your car.  Bring both cash and a debit/credit card.  If you are going to a movie make sure you  have read the reviews, know showtimes, and maybe even call the theater to verify them.  Also, make sure you  take your safety into concern.  Keep a cell phone handy, make sure you have a few people who know where you  are and update someone if there are any changes as the night goes on.  Finally, if you begin to feel  uncomfortable back out of the date, get somewhere public or connect with someone you trust.  If you are being  followed head to a police or fire station.  That will take care of a stalker in a hurry.  The vast majority of  criminals are total cowards and search for the easiest and safest prey possible.  So don’t be an easy victim.   
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The First Date 
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Planning the Date
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