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Picking the Location Since you have now determined whether you want to have a hard date and an easy date, it is now time  to pick a location.   An easy date is simple; just find a nice place to go for coffee or lunch.  Try and make  it convenient as possible so find a location that is close and easy to find.  You don’t want to start the  date with the “I am lost and can’t find you!”   For first dates make sure the location you pick has the right number of people around.  If the place is  overly crowded you may have trouble keeping a conversation going.  Also, an introverted date may be  extremely uncomfortable in a boisterous and chaotic venue.  On the other hand, never set up a first date  with someone you don’t know in a place were there is going to be no one else around.  There is a  significant safety concern and it is likely that they will feel uncomfortable.     If you decide to go to a movie try and pick a lighthearted comedy or a romantic comedy.  Overly  emotional “chick flicks” or heavy dramas might evoke some strong reactions which might complicate the  date.  Also, a hard core action film is seldom a woman’s top pick even though she may be trying to  accommodate you by saying so.  Even though she says Rambo XII is “fine” play it safe and see something  else.   
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The First Date 
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Picking the Location
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