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The First Date 
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Now that you have landed that first date, it is time to make sure that the first one is such a success that  they will be dying to go out with you again.  The most important job you have going out the first time is to  make sure every aspect of the date is as relaxed as humanly possible.  All your efforts need to be geared  toward choosing a venue that is conducive to putting them at ease.  Then you use your body language and  rhetorical skills to make them feel calm, safe and content.  As usual, this is much easier said than done as it  is common to be rather nervous the first time out.  There is an additional possible snag . . . sometimes even  if you are cool and composed, your date may be a bundle of nerves and that can lead to a stalled date as  well.  So as you read the following advice, filter all information through the prism of how can I utilize it to  ensure my date will be completely relaxed at all times.     
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