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The Hard Date An amazing first date can quickly put you on a pedestal.  Remember first impressions are pretty hard to  dispel.  The best approach if you know the person is really interested in going out with you and that they are not  just “testing the waters.”    You are willing to make a gamble and feel the risk is worth the reward.    A first date that is a hard date is best set up after you have had a couple of informal “get togethers.” In  other words, after you have gone out on a couple of unofficial easy dates.   A hard date can be pretty expensive.   True love may be worth the price but you may discover that you  have absolutely no interest in the person after just ten minutes.  But this realization can come with a hefty  price tag if you planned an extravagant and costly evening.   And yes, it is considered extremely rude to  cancel a date midway unless the lack of interest is mutual.     A hard date can really suffer if not planned right.  You may have the idea to start off the date with a ride in  a hot air balloon, followed up with front row tickets to a Broadway play to be capped off with a hike to a  romantic picnic dinner in a secluded spot outside of town suitable for watching the scheduled meteor  shower.  However just one thing could ruin the date.   If she has an extreme fear of heights, there is a  traffic jam or parking nightmare on the way to the theater, the fact that it is 15 degrees outside and  raining or just the mere fact that she is wearing four inch heals may cause the date to flop.  Just one of  these is enough to put a damper on the whole night.    You should be very aware of the sexual overtones when setting up a hard date.  Hookup culture is having a  dramatic effect on the dating scene.  Even if you and your date are really not part of it, that fact may not  be known when you ask them out.  For some, any date that occurs at night, especially on a weekend night,  means that the evening should end in bed.  Such expectations can add a lot of tension to early dates.  To  ease these fears you can always time limit the date, saying such things when you set it up as, “I would  enjoy going out, but I have to be done by 9:00, as I have an early morning meeting.”  This sends a clear  message that sex will not be part of the date.   A safer “hard date” can be created if during the course of your normal daily life you find yourself in  possession of some great tickets or need to attend a unique and fun event that requires a second person.  It  could be a ball, charity dinner or maybe even a couples event were you express your dismay at the idea of  being stuck as the “fifth wheel.”   Asking out someone under these conditions can make the outing seem  more laidback or noncommittal like an “easy” date but you can still plan an entertaining night which will  knock their socks off.  Hard dates can become more viable with practice.  If you reuse the same date with new people you can  quickly find ways to weed out any potential problems and dramatically increase the chance that it will go  off without a hitch.  Eventually you should try to have at least five hard dates mastered. 
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The First Date 
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The Hard Date
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