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Conversation Tips When making conversation try and put forth open ended questions.  In other words, if you wanted to find  out about how their weekend don't just go and ask, "Did you have a good weekend?"  If they were feeling  particularly nervous or were shy then they might respond with a simple yes or no.  Yes or no answers are  guaranteed conversation killers.  A better way to ask would be, "Tell me how your weekend was."  To get  better at phrasing such inquiries, practice asking more open ended questions in your day to day life.  If you  are unsure how to ask them just try and have them begin with the who, what, when, where and why.  It is generally a good practice to try and enable your date to do the lion share of talking.  Most people enjoy  an opportunity to open up to a captive and attentive audience.  Your ability to be that audience will be a  very attractive trait.  Also, being a bit on the mysterious side by not sharing as much will work to your  advantage.  This goes double if they had a really good time.  One of the traps we fall into is that we are  quick to idealize someone or something.  Heck, we have all known someone who bought a car that was a  lemon but still defended their choice for months.  So let this work in your favor.  Leaving a lot to be known  about you after the first date might easily translate into them filling in the missing information to your  distinct advantage.    Be careful not to force a conversation.  If your date is not really the talkative type than forcing him to open  up with a string of questions is going to make them feel like they are being interviewed or even worse  interrogated.  If this happens then you will likely need to carry the conversation yourself.  Don't read too  much into having to do this though.  Again, they may just be nervous or shy.  If everything else about them  fits with what you desire then in a couple of dates you may be pleasantly surprised to find out that they are  rather adroit conversationalists.    If you need some help with some talking points try out the following links.  These sites have a couple  hundred great questions geared toward prompting a lighthearted conversation with someone you are just  getting to know. http://www.beginnerbeans.com/2013/07/100-date-night-questions.html  http://ezinearticles.com/?100-Conversation-Starters-for-Dates---Break-the-Ice!&id=5765359 
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The First Date 
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Conversation Tips
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