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Part 2   Always make sure your date gets home safely and at an appropriate time.  If a date is going well there  is no harm in cutting it short as the old entertainment adage of “Always leave them wanting more!”  applies equally to dating.  Likewise if things have taken a turn for the worse don’t drag it out hoping  for a miracle.  Odds are your date already made the decision if they want to see you again after the  first ten minutes. So a marathon bad date is only going to ensure none of their friends are ever going to  touch you either.    Always try to be interested in your date.  Focus on them and try to steer the conversation toward their  interests, and if possible, see if you can get them to share a few personal stories.  Focusing on your  date and not yourself can quickly translate into you being mysterious—a very attractive trait.      Make sure your date feels safe with you.  For first dates, pick a venue where there will be other people  around. It is usually best if you have separate transportation    Make sure your eyes focus on your date (preferably above the shoulders) and keep a tight rein on that  roving eye.     Be as courteous as possible to those whom are serving you or who come into contact with you during  the date.  Your date is just as likely to judge you on how you treat others as how you are treating them.      Always tip your server well (20-25%) but do not be obvious or talk about the tip.      Only date when you are single and completely out of a relationship.   There are few things more selfish  or inconsiderate than passing yourself off as available when you are not.  Those with whom you are  dating are real people with real feelings and deserve your utmost respect and consideration. They don’t  deserve to become part of any conflict with your ex or soon-to-be ex. 
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Dating Do's: Part 2
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