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Dating Do’s 
 Part 1   First, stay positive and don’t get discouraged if a date is not going well or ends poorly.  The number one  secret to being successful is how to deal with failure.  No athlete can ever achieve greatness if they are  so afraid of losing that they don’t get into the ring with someone capable of defeating them.  Winning  feels great but you seldom learn anything from it.      Arrive on time.  Making someone sit at a table for ten minutes wondering if you are going to arrive is  definitely not the first impression you want to make.      If at all possible endeavor to secure clean reliable transportation.  Your car should be considered to be  part of your appearance and you should give it the same concern when trying to make a first impression  as you would what outfit you are wearing.      Pay close attention to your personal hygiene.  If a woman just spent $80 dollars on a manicure, it’s safe  to bet she will notice that you did not wash your hands after spending all afternoon landscaping your  backyard.  In fact, she might even assume you just dug your way out of prison and treat you accordingly.     Always bring plenty of cash as a backup.  Murphy’s law is known to rear its ugly head.  Unbeknownst to  you, your credit card may have been locked up after you accidentally entered in the wrong pin number  while putting gas in your car that morning.      Always play it safe.  Keep your cell phone charged up and make sure friends know where you are going  and are expecting a call from you later.  If there are any last minutes date changes, or you move to a  new venue, send someone a quick text giving the location.  Avoid going anywhere on a first date where  you will be completely alone.         Make sure you pick an activity which is going to be comfortable and fun for your date.  If your date is  not a high roller then  taking them to a five star restaurant will likely make them feel nervous and out  of place.   Dress well and appropriately for the venue.  Looking unkempt can show a distinct lack of respect for  your date and yourself.  Keep in mind it is possible that your date will have expended substantial time,  effort and money in getting ready for you.  Respond in kind.     Be positive, upbeat, and no matter what . . . have a good time.   If you maintain a positive demeanor it  is likely that your date will respond in a similar fashion.    Avoid excessive alcohol consumption and never use getting drunk as a backup plan for a failing date.   Never have more than one drink an hour.
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Dating Do's: Part 1
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