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Part 2 Always be honest and never lie about your achievements or station in life.  Eventually the truth will come  out and the price to pay will for it will be heavy.  If someone is unwilling to date you because of your job,  income, number of children, etc, then it is always better to have it end on the first date rather than  investing further time, money, and heartache in pursuing them.  Avoid crude language, tasteless comments and inappropriate jokes.  Do your best to avoid topics such as religion and politics early on.  Many people have very strong passions  concerning such matters and a single wrong phrase can doom the date.  If it is critical that your potential  mate have certain political affiliations or religious sensibilities then you should still be able to glean their  position from other conversational topics.  Asking people directly can put them on the spot and they may  be trying to give you the answer you want to hear rather then what they really feel.  If you don’t know  each other well yet, than both parties may be guessing wrong.  Do not try to impress your date with overt demonstrations of wealth and power.  If you have a prestigious  job an offhand comment about it will generate more interest and mystique than an in-depth marathon  analysis of your occupational duties and the number of souls you command.  Likewise, your physical  appearance and the car you arrived in will properly be enough to demarcate your income level.  Talking  about it will simply come across as arrogant, tacky, and insecure.  Do not reveal all on your first date.  Even though communication is important on the first and second date,  you should not be an open book to them afterward.  Leave out a few interesting tidbits about yourself that  you can share at a later time.  For example, it can be extremely fun to spring that you are fluent in a  foreign language when there is a practical use for it a month or so into dating.    Never be rude to someone who is waiting on you or fail to leave a good tip.  Many people are savvy enough  to judge your character by how you treat those who can do little for you.  Being demanding or complaining  about the food should be a major red flag to your date.  Never get drunk while on the first few dates even if the other person does.  Once they sober up they will  have more respect for you if you demonstrated self-discipline.  Never try and sleep with someone on the first date.   As a woman, you have just given everything and  there is very little mystery left in you for him to chase and discover.  Also, any relationship forming out if  it will likely last just as long as it takes him to find someone else with whom he is attracted and can bed.   There is a difference between “sexual attraction” and “romantic attraction.”  The latter is going to last  longer and ultimately be stronger.  If you are a man and just slept with her the first night, then you have  just planted a firm seed in her mind that all you may want out of her is a physical relationship.  Any kind,  considerate and thoughtful act you do for her in the next couple of months may be viewed with skepticism  as she attempts to determine if it is genuine or not.      
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Dating Don'ts: Part 2
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