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Part 1 Never stand up a date.  If you must cancel a date, do so with as much notice as possible.  Always  remember that the person on the other end of the phone has hopes and feelings and should be treated  with all respect.   To do otherwise will demonstrate arrogance and selfishness on your part.    Don’t be late for a date.  Plan ahead and prepare for as many contingencies as possible such as traffic  or getting stuck at work.  If something does happen, call as soon as you can to let them know.  As a  date, even waiting five minutes at a table can seem like an eternity if you are nervous and just spent  two hours getting ready. Never, ever, ever, get involved with someone who is married.  If they are willing to cheat with you, at  some point they will cheat on you.  There is no future in it and the complications which may arise are  countless and can even be deadly.  Do not date the same type of people who have caused you heartache and misery in the past.  The key to  productive dating is to learn from your past mistakes and then change your dating habits so you will not  repeat them.  If you keep feeling “chemistry” with the wrong type of people then it may be time to  start chasing after people with whom your mind says yes even though your heart may say otherwise.  Do not try and contact someone more than once a day unless they respond.  Always avoid being  desperate or seeming desperate.  If they like you they will respond; even if they are trying to play some  type of dating game by waiting a couple of days.  Try not to be too available all the time.  A busy person is frequently an attractive person as they seem  active, energetic and show promise of being someone fun and engaging to date.  In the beginning, there  is nothing wrong with being “out of town” for a couple of days or not being able to meet for a little  while.  You can also structure a real busy day where you just happen to find time on short notice to  connect with them for 30 min or an hour.  Do not give out personal information such as your home address on a first date.  A predator can be very  skilled at fooling someone or playing to their hopes and dreams.  If you are a smoker, try and avoid doing so for the first couple of dates.  This may even mean scheduling  shorter events together.  If you really think you found the right person and they despise smoking, then  this way, you still have the option of quitting on the sly with them never being the wiser.  You may find  that you can perform great feats when confronted with true love. 
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Dating Don'ts: Part 1
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