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Tips for Men   Be confidant but not arrogant.  Confidence is the number one point of attraction to women.  It is even  more important than your looks or your bank account.      Take a little time to make sure you are looking good.  Women can spend hours getting ready for that  first date, so spend more than a mere five minutes getting ready for her.     Even if you are going for a more casual look, make sure your clothes are not wrinkled, stained, have  holes or snags and buttons missing.  Virtually all women have a very fine eye for detail.     Clean is never out of style even if you are going for the five o’clock shadow.  Don’t make them wonder if you just got done playing football with your friends and did not care enough to wash up.     Avoid looking boring, don’t go overboard but try and avoid looking too traditional.  If you are going to a  high end restaurant and have to wear a suit . . . well, a tailored one with a unique tie will get you far.      Take a closer look at your shoes.  Men frequently overlook footwear but women do not. Though a man  might only have three or four serviceable pairs the lady across the table from you might have over fifty.   Avoid brown dress shoes at all costs.  Women are most attracted to simple, black, lace up dress shoes,  with an nice shine to them (not patent though).      If possible buy a nice watch.  This is likely to be the only piece of jewelry you will be wearing so make  sure it makes the right impression.       Forget the aftershave and invest in some real cologne.  Just make sure you experiment with the right  amount and have a friend let you know if it is effective or not.      For coffee or an outside date, a safe combination would be khakis, cords or medium to dark-wash jeans  paired with a polo shirt or a button-up shirt with the sleeves rolled up.  For shoes, clean sneakers or  black loafers will work.      For an indoor non-formal date at night go with a khaki pants, a long-sleeve button-up shirt and a nice  pair of loafers.      Bold deeper shades are coming back into vogue.   Trade out a drab colored polo shirt or sweater for a  more distinct red, purple or green.      Avoid tight fitting clothes on the first date . . . even if you have a nice physique that you want to  emphasize. Be careful because the first impression you give off may be that you are arrogant or  conceited.  These are obviously major turnoffs.     If you are overweight don’t try to hide the extra weight with clothing which is too baggy.  Remember,  confidence trumps all, so don’t look like you are trying to pull something over on her or come across as  being too self-conscious.      
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Tips for Men
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