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Tips for Women The number one look men favor is “warm and sensual.”  This does not mean licentious or easy; so dress to catch their eye not to drive them insane with desire. There is a definite fine line between sexy and sleazy so don’t cross it. Always leave something to the imagination.  But don’t be too quick to hide your physical assets.  If there are parts of your figure which are better than others, dress to accentuate the former while hiding the latter. Make sure you know exactly were you are going for the first couple of dates and how to dress properly for that event.  Feeling over or under dressed is only going to make a stressful first date more so.    Make sure you are clear what signals your dress is going to send.  Ask for an outside opinion if necessary.  Don’t wear your work clothes.  Few men will look at a business or pantsuit as “warm.” Make sure you have the perfect LBD or Little Black Dress.  Medium length is best, and this should be a standard for first dates as it suitable for many different venues.  Try and find out how far you will be walking so when you pick out shoes you can make the proper comfortable vs. stylish tradeoff.  Silence your cell phone and don’t touch it.  You might feel that talking on the phone in front of a date implies you are popular and/or important at work, but most guys will begin to see themselves as an afterthought to your evening.  Also, many of the “good men” out there are also on the old fashioned side and may take this as a serious breach of etiquette. As your posture is one of the most telling signals you transmit, an open posture can give evidence of an open person. Turning your body toward the man you're conversing and leaning forward are actions that show interest. Also, slightly tilting your head, crossing and uncrossing your legs and positioning your chest forward gives the message that you are interested. If you are going for a more sensual look, use your hands to caress objects, such as the rim of your glass, locks of your hair, or the sleeve of your blouse in a rhythmic (as opposed to fidgety) manner. For more direct body language you can definitely initiate some physical contact.  When you first approach him and are getting ready to walk, you can move your hand into the crook of his elbow to inspire an escort.  You can also simply offer your hand for him to take.  Touching him to punctuate a point, or using the "accidental touch" when reaching for an item can be effective as well.   Give the man an opportunity to be a gentleman.  Pause a moment to give him a chance to open the  door for you, and be sure to remember to thank him for the gesture.  Also, if you are comfortable  with him, be willing to let him escort you. 
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Tips for Women
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