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Quick Tips   Get an exercise routine in place.  Not only will be getting into shape, but your confidence in yourself  will grow along with your energy level.     If you need to shed some pounds make a realistic goal and make out a plan of attack.  Make sure you  have a group or someone close to you to help you stay on that plan. This is one of those rare times  when peer pressure is a wonderful thing.      Make an honest assessment of yourself or entreat the help of a forthcoming friend.  Lying to yourself  can stop growth in its tracks.      Be true to yourself, don’t adopt a look which is the direct opposite of who you are inside.    Videotape yourself in different situations and then sit down with some friends and evaluate your body  language.  Then try a little acting!  This can even make for a fun evening.      Practice making eye contact.  The ability to do so screams confidence and enables you to look for  that tell-tale sign of possible interest when someone holds your gaze back.      Always try to appear calm and relaxed.  Avoid fidgeting, fist clenching, crossing your arms in front of  your chest, or constantly keeping your hands in your pockets.      In terms of flirting, take your cues from the other person’s body language and match accordingly.  If  they lightly touch you on the arm while reaching for the salt respond with a warm smile if it was  welcome.  If it were not welcome then a slight narrowing of the eyes might be in order.     Generally avoid trying to smoke during a date.  People’s feelings on the matter run the entire  gauntlet from enthusiastic approval to angst laden aversion and often times it can be difficult trying  to figure out their position on the first date.  This may also be an apt time to quit smoking if you  want to increase the percentage of people to which you would be attractive. 
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