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The First Impression First impressions happen fast!  A study by Princeton psychologists Janine Willis and Alexander Todorov showed  that a tenth of a second (.10 sec) is all it takes to form an impression of someone.  In addition, a longer  exposure to that person does not alter the perceptions of this individual to any significant degree.  To further  break it down, 55% of the initial impression has to do with physical appearance and mannerisms.  After that,  38% deals with the tone of voice and finally only a paltry 7% is based on the actual content of the conversation.    Meaning 93% of your first impression depends directly on how you present yourself and not what you talk about.   So that first impression needs to be a primary point of focus as you prepare to be successful in dating.   More  specifically, this means that what you wear and how you control your body language count far more than what  you say.  
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The First Impression
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