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Looks Count! He [Aristotle] used to say that personal  beauty was a better introduction than any letter. -Diogenes Laertius, The Lives and Opinions of the Eminent  Philosophers (ca. 200 A.D.) Though it is unfortunate to say, looks do matter.  People have an instinctual penchant for certain physical  characteristics and this is definitely not something new.  In fact, the pursuit of physical beauty probably  goes back as far as human history does.  This is truly unfair. We should judge others by the content of their  character and expect others to do the same for us.   However, since human nature is a bond from which  few can fully break, we need to be realistic and understand that our physical appearance and body  language are critical to making that first impression.  So, as sad as it is, it is imperative that your first  focus be on improving your appearance.   
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Looks Count
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