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Robert Morrison:
Robert Morrison has been extremely successful in countless endeavors throughout his life.  These have provided  him with unique talents needed to help others realize their dating dreams.   He learned early on from pursuing  many different skill activities that time and hard work are NOT the key components to being successful.  You can  be golfing seriously for twenty years but if you have always had the same problems with your swing then it is  quite possible you might find yourself far behind someone who has been doing it for a year . . . but doing it RIGHT  for that year.  Practice does not make perfect, it only makes permanent.    By the time Robert was twenty-two years old he owned two restaurants, obtained that milestone six figure salary,  was an accomplished musician having completed one of the top five low brass programs in the nation, and more  importantly was incredibly physically fit, tall, and handsome.  And he could not get a date to save his life.    Maybe it was because he was raised in an all female home or maybe it was because he spent too much of his  younger years working and not socializing.  Either way, it took a complete reworking of how he understood dating  and nine years of time and money slaving away in the dating scene before finally finding the woman of his dreams  and being able to settle down.  From that experience he gained a deep appreciation of the unprecedented value  of discovering the right person.  But even more than that, what the deep emotional and financial cost that  traveling the dating road can exact on someone.  It is now his goal to help make that road as short as possible for  others.   Robert was an accomplished student growing up, earning a full ride scholarship to one of the top music programs  in the United States.   Upon completion of his BA from the University of Northern Colorado he decided to forgo  pursuing a professional career, instead opening up a Blackjack Pizza franchise in Estes Park, Colorado. The  restaurant was extremely successful and shattered all company opening sales and profit records.  Within nine  months he purchased a second, previously existing store, in Colorado Springs and set another company record for  tripling the sales of the store in just three months.    Although very successful in business, Robert had two other desires in life  which superseded this.  One was to win a national championship in  Taekwondo and the other was to pursue a career in education.  Up to this  point Robert had been training seriously in Taekwondo for eleven years. To  realize this dream, he sold off both businesses and used the proceeds to  finance two hard years of training.  It paid off and he won the national title  in 2003.  After that he had the opportunity to travel around the globe  competing in places as far away as Australia.    In 2005, he entered both the graduate history program, and the teaching licensure program at Colorado State  University.  He was one of the few graduate students to be awarded a graduate teaching assistantship for the  duration of his studies, teaching a total of three courses.  After completing all the required coursework for both  courses he relocated to Wichita, and has been enjoying living in one of the best cities in the country. 
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Educational Background
Dr. Monica Buettel, PhD. Course Psychologist:  
Dr. Monica Buettel is a licensed clinical psychologist based out of Ft Morgan, Colorado.  Aside from running her  own independent practice, she is an on-site supervisor for University of Northern Colorado School Psychology  Department, and the School Psychologist for Morgan County School District Re-3.    Her awards are too numerous to list but recent notable accomplishments include the Colorado Society of School  Psychology Scholarship award, the Graduate Dean's Citation for Outstanding Dissertation, and in 2011 her  selection as the Colorado School Psychologist of the Year.  She has made numerous professional research  presentations and authored several articles that have been published in such prestigious journals as School  Psychology Quarterly.  She earned her BA in Psychology from the University of Denver, her MA in Curriculum and  Instruction from the University of Colorado, and her PhD in School Psychology from the University of Northern  Colorado.  Dr Buettel worked to help develop the content for our Date Training Instructional Course and she ensured its  adherence to the most recent scholarship in relationship counseling including emerging trends toward insight-  oriented couple therapy (IOCT) and emotion-focused couple therapy (EFT).  Her extensive work doing behavioral  assessments has proved a vital resource in coming up with adaptive modifications to the coursework.  This helps  us to identify early any emotional, biological or psychosocial deficiencies in clients, and tailor instruction in a  way to accommodate or develop working interventions for them.  She remains on our staff as a curriculum  consultant and as an informal resource for general information.  Any direct desire for formal psychological  assistance by a client will not he handled in house but they will instead be referred to a certified local  specialist.   
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